The use of ETV in water and wastewater sector in Poland and Norway

The use of Environmental Technology Verification System (ETV) by technology providers and buyers can improve energy efficiency in municipal wastewater treatment plants in Poland and Norway.

The framework of co-operation between the two countries will be developed under the project „Facilitating the use of ETV to increase energy efficiency in water sector - ETV4Water” implemented by the Environmental Technologies Verification Body - IETU (promoter), Gdańsk Water Foundation and the Norwegian company Aquateam COWI AS. The project is financed under the Fund for Bilateral Relations - PL04.

It is estimated that the electricity consumption accounts for 25-30% of the operating costs of urban wastewater treatment plants. Innovative wastewater treatment technologies can play an important role in improving energy efficiency of the water and wastewater sector. However, their implementation is hampered by the lack of references from previous applications. Providers of such technologies have problems with competing in the market. The Environmental Technology Verification allows us to confirm the effects and benefits of using innovative technologies declared by their providers in an impartial manner, based on solid scientific framework and maintaining the highest quality standards. Through trainings we want to make it easier for providers and buyers of technologies from Poland and Norway to use the ETV system”, says Izabela Ratman-Kłosińska, Coordinator of the ETV4Water project.

We invite technology providers, representatives of wastewater treatment plants, R&D units and laboratories for trainings and workshops which will be organised in September and October this year.

At the end of September, consultative workshops will be held for wastewater treatment plant operators, consultants, designers, technology providers, local authorities, and investors aimed at demonstrating the possibilities of implementing the advancements to improve the energy efficiency of the processes used in urban wastewater treatment plants.

During the trainings which will take place in October at POL-ECO SYSTEM 2017 in Poznań:

  • technology providers will learn how to prepare for the ETV process,
  • buyers will learn about the use of ETV in the purchase of technology and reduction of technological and investment risks,
  • R&D units and laboratories will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the possibilities for cooperation with technology verification bodies in the field of technology testing for ETV.

In the long term, the project will contribute to bilateral cooperation in the field of development, transfer and implementation of technologies for the water and wastewater sector with high competitive potential on global markets. In addition, the project will support active involvement of SMEs offering innovative technologies in the development of a low carbon economy.

ETV is a flagship project of the Ministry of the Environment as part of the Responsible Development Strategy. ETV was also referred to by the European Commission in the Circular Economy Package as one of the tools for its implementation. Norway was one of the forerunners of ETV in the European Union.

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Projekt ETV4WATER jest finansowany ze środków
Norweskiego Mechanizmu Finansowego 2009-2014 w ramach Funduszu
Współpracy Dwustronnej na poziomie Programu Operacyjnego PL04

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