The Wasser Berlin International Fair 2017 – event relation

ETV Body IETU took part in the Wasser Berlin 2017 International Fair (28-31 March 2017) presenting its service of innovative water technologies verification under the EU ETV Programme addressed mainly to potential German technology providers. Currently there are no ETV bodies established in Germany so ETV Body IETU may be an attractive partner to German companies interested to get a Statement of Verification or enter Polish market. However, our offer attracted the attention not only of German SMEs but also technology providers from UK, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Marocco or China. Our visitors were provided with information about the ETV process and the benefits of the EU ETV Statements of Verification. The fair was also a good opportunity to promote the new ISO 14034 standard on ETV as a worldwide approach to verifications ensuring mutual recognition of ETV statements and a foundation for building a global ETV brand.