About us

ETV Body-IETU offers environmental technology verification (ETV) of water technologies; materials, waste and resources and energy technologies.

Our verifications are performed under the the Programme of Environmental Technologies Verification of the European Union (EU ETV). By verifying the performance of a technology we deliver a credible, third party assessment that its technical design ensures the fulfillment of a given performance claim in a specified application, taking any measurement uncertainty, relevant assumptions and limitations into consideration. The end products of the verification are: a Verification Report and a Statements of Verification.

Our ETV Verification Statements are registered and published by the European Commission which makes them recognized in the EU but also globally. They help distinguish a technology among competitors, increase market prospects of a company and enhance investors’ trust. ETV Body IETU is accredited to PN-EN ISO/IEC 17020 for inspection bodies type A which, together with high-quality test data we use for our verifications, guarantee the impartiality, credibility and reliability of our EU ETV Verification Statements. When requested by the client, verifications can be performed for non-EU markets such as United States, Canada, and Asian markets.