New scope of JWTŚ-IETU accreditation

In JWTŚ-IETU, from November 2021, the following energy technologies can be verified:

  • production of heat and power from renewable sources of energy (e.g. wind, sea, geothermic and biomass),
  • reuse of energy from waste, biomass or by-products (e.g. 3rd generation biofuels and combustion technologies),
  • generic energy technologies (e.g. micro-turbines, hydrogen and fuel cells, heat pumps, combined heat and power production, heat exchangers), distribution, energy storage,
  • energy efficiency in industrial processes and in buildings (e.g. thermal envelope, wall insulation, energy efficient windows,heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems).

We invite manufacturers of innovative technologies interested in obtaining a certificate confirming the efficiency of the technology to cooperate with us.

New scope of accreditation [PL]